Encaustic Medium Artwork

Encaustic Medium

Most of my work is created with encaustic, an ancient painting medium made of beeswax and damar resin.  The medium is dynamic, unpredictable, wild and MESSY. 

What I adore most about this exciting medium is that it involves a heat element.  I never realized holding a blowtorch would make me feel so sexy. 

 It is a fun process of adding layers and layers of wax and then scraping away to reveal the depth and dimension below.  

When I first started with this medium a few years back, I got really really frustrated regarding the random and unpredictable nature of the process.   Patience has never been my thing. But, like life in general, I found acceptance and patience in the unknown, the wild twists and turns and the process of letting go. 

Unpredictable? Confusing?  Layered?  Random? Messy?   I know nothing of these things (sarcastic font).  No wonder I’m drawn to it…..