I never know how to start these things. I am a bonus mom, forever-fiancé, daughter, sister, concert-goer, faux-fur loving, dance like nobody (everybody) is watching, hat wearing, bold, sarcastic, vivacious woman that just so happened to find a glorious hobby in her 40s.  I’m proud to have found something that keeps me occupied, inspired and quite frankly – out of trouble. 

Where do I start?  I was about to turn 40 and thought to myself…I can do more.  I can be more.  I can try something different. And that I did.

I was scrolling through Instagram one night.  I didn’t really have much to do at the moment, subtly ignoring laundry, dirty house, work, life, etc, and I came across someone painting with fire.  I thought, “what is this jazz?”

And that is how it started. 

I immediately started researching the medium and techniques online.  I went to the art store and bought all the things…and wow…super cheap, my friends..SUPER cheap (sarcastic font). My goodness, now I understand the term starving artist.  They do NOT have discounts, no coupons, no Groupons…nothing.  Actually, now that I look back, I’m pretty stoked that everything cost that much or I would have probably thrown in the towel after jacking up the first 36 paintings.